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Spread through the highlands of the country and majestically cascading with youthful splendour, the waterfalls in Sri Lanka are magical in appearance and exhilarating in experience. Each of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka narrates a unique tale of old, having being passed on through nature for thousands of years, changing through the ages, yet retaining its glory and power.

Out of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, Dunhinda waterfalls , offers an unparalleled experience creating an ambience of mist and vapour as it hides behind the veil of ‘dun’ or mist, revealing its magnificence through the gaps. Situated in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, Dunhinda waterfalls are frequently visited by many tourists and locals in search of the mystique and the magical.

Among the waterfalls in Sri Lanka , the Bambarakanda Ella is the tallest with a sheen of white cascading 263 meters with vigour and exuberance. Hiding in a jungle off the Colombo-Bandarawela Road, the Bambarakanda Ella is worth a visit. The uninterrupted fall of the massive water trunk of the Diyaluma Waterfalls have made many believe it to be the tallest in the island, but it is certainly phenomenal in experience. The Diyaluma Waterfalls are frequently visited as it is along one of the main roadways in the hill country.

Taking the shape of a sacred Bo leaf, the Bopath Ella boasts possibly the highest number of visitors most of whom enjoy the cool waters of the falls and revel in the glory of the experience. Another one of the most splendid waterfalls in Sri Lanka is Devon, forming three separate yet continuous cascades, each gaining more strength and splendour than the other. Sourced from the waters of Belihul Oya and situated in the Horton Plains, the Baker’s Waterfalls boasts glistening cold waters that refresh and revive all passersby with its magical touch.

Some of the other waterfalls in Sri Lanka include Kirindi Oya Waterfall, Mapanana Ella, Ravana Ella, St. Clair’s Waterfalls and Ramboda Ella Falls among many others.

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