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Things to do in Bentota range from the quiet, tranquil, peaceful activities of doing nothing but relax, to the fun, exciting activities that give you an adrenalin rush.

For those who want to have an exhilarating time, the Bentota water sports are phenomenal. The Bentota river is the ideal location for water sports of all kinds including water-skiing, jet-skiing and wind-surfing. There are many independent operators who are pros on Bentota water sports and conduct courses in surfing, deep-sea fishing and diving. In Bentota, canoeing too is quite a popular activity.

Taking a nice long trip along the winding course of the Bentota river, exploring the exotic creatures of the wild including baby crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds and reptiles is the perfect option for those who like to have a peaceful afternoon. Simply lying on the golden beaches of Bentota and basking in the sun too is certainly an unparalleled experience.

Some of the other popular things to do in Bentota include a visit to the national Holiday Resort Complex housing a number of hotels, restaurants and markets or the Bentota Bazaar offering some great surprises ranging from brassware, wood carvings and batik textiles.

As for dining in Bentota, Golden Grill situated at the Bentota river is a fantastic option offering even steak and mixed grill, with the meat cooked to perfection.

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